Andrea Marenco Architetto

AMA is an architecture practice that operates internationally on architecture, urban design, urban heritage projects and masterplanning with equal focus on public spaces and buildings, respecting the natural environment.

International experience

During its 25 years of activity, the studio has acquired a consolidated experience on projects of urban regeneration also of large scale carried out in Europe, Middle East and Asia. The business has been running continuously for many years in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Architecture and context

Architecture must always interpret the character of the place that surrounds it, drawing inspiration from it, enhancing it and encouraging its development. A successful project is always the result of a balance between different elements: contemporaneity and tradition, built part and urban space, artificial component and natural environment. . It is also the result of physical and perceptual connectivity with the surrounding context.

Andrea Marenco


Urban heritage

We believe that urban heritage has to be protected and enhanced through a respectful reuse. Urban heritage can ‘inform’ contemporary architecture that, respecting its references, can express itself in new forms, capable to project the city into the future with the richness learned from the knowledge of the past.

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