2021 – 2024

Al Urubah Park

Al Urubah Park is a 75-hectare park located on the central East side of Riyadh, planned by LAND for the Royal Commission for Riyadh City as one of the major initiatives of the Green Riyadh Program.

The project offers a large urban oasis for residents and visitors featuring over 10,000 trees, winding pathways and a range of leisure and educational attractions. The Park will also act as a stormwater detention basin and is crucial for the flooding management of the city and of the hydrographic basin of Wadi Al-Aysen.

AMA developed the mobility strategy for this park, with an innovative approach focused on the integration with the surrounding residential areas and new developments.

Accessibility is conceived as an integrated system, including parking areas, drop-off lanes, public transport network, alternative mobility and pedestrian flows.

All the possible space is provided to pedestrian and alternative mobility, while the vehicular circulation is limited to parking areas and to essential service access lanes. The car parking capacity of over 1100 places is distributed around the park so to allow a variety of itineraries and avoid extensive walking distances and unequal use of the landscaped areas.

Walking in the Park will be an emotional experience through a diversity of landscapes and sceneries, a continuous discovery and a non repetitive practice even for regular users.


Royal Commission for Riyadh City


Urban design


Riyadh, KSA


Preliminary, final, and executive project for mobility


75 hectare park


AMA – architettura (Mobility and Heritage)
LAND Italy
Schiattarella Associati
V3 Middle East Engineering Consultant




Design in progress

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