Andrea Marenco Architetto

Each place is unique and unrepeatable and expresses a character that comes from its history and adapts to the current context to project itself into the future. Our heterogeneous experience allows us a design approach free from pre-established schemes and which is expressed through a collaborative, interdisciplinary and flexible creation process.


The design is carried out with a multidisciplinary approach in which a team of specialized experts bring skills, creativity and feasible solutions to the projects.


Contemporary architecture must always dialogue with the context that surrounds it, drawing inspiration from it, enhancing it and encouraging its development, with harmonious integration in the built environment without alteration of the natural environment.

Urban design

Urban and landscape design responds to the need to enhance the public sphere, enhance pedestrian connectivity, and create a 'sense of place' in urban areas.

Urban heritage

The recovery of historical buildings is successful only if it envisages their rehabilitation within a wider context, recreating the necessary connections for the historical object to acquire a new meaning and a new vitality; always respecting the authenticity of ‘historical building’ and the local character or “genius loci”.


The master plan design aims to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders, providing order, spatial organisation, infrastructural efficiency and flexibility over time according to the principles of sustainable development.

The peculiarity of the studio is the specialization, the attention to the urban spaces that interconnect the buildings, the enhancement of historical contexts, the design of public buildings, the enhancement of the landscape also through thematic and naturalistic itineraries. Our projects express a contemporary architecture that always contains references to the place it belongs to and to the materials of the context, thus representing the traditional character through innovative forms.

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AMA - Architecture

Uno studio di architettura che opera a livello internazionale su progetti di architettura, urban design, urban heritage e masterplanning.


Via Cesarea 10 int.3
16121 Genova – Italia

AMA - Architecture

AMA is an architecture practice that operates internationally on architecture, urban design, urban heritage projects and masterplanning.

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Via Cesarea 10 int.3
16121 Genova – Italy