Masterplan Erchi Heritage Village, Hotel, Spa & Golf Club

Masterplanning Italy Back to projects 2007 This masterplan for a high-profile hospitality and residential development is associated with one of the best golf courses of the Riviera. The core of the development is a group of heritage buildings that have been restored and re-used as guest houses and social facilities. New residential fabrics with traditional […]

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Duhaira District Masterplan

Masterplanning Architecture Saudi Arabia Back to projects 2007 – 2009 This Masterplan creates the new representative heart of the Saudi Capital, combining a strong vision for the future with a new image of modernity, innovative architectural solutions, connectivity with the surroundings and symbolic reference to the history. This complex project will be the starting point

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University of Pho Hien

Masterplanning Architecture Vietnam Back to projects 2011 – 2012 The planning strategy consists of providing a long-term view project, flexible and innovative. The key factors of this strategy are: Design a new concept of ‘Campus as a City’, a modern International Government & University District for the 21st Century, based on a polycentric system of

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Al Uqair Masterplan Competition

Masterplanning Saudi Arabia Back to projects 2021 Project objectives: Regeneration old Al Uqair>Creating cultural and leisure destination Protect heritage building >Rehabilitation with adaptive reuse Capitalize of maritime location >Waterfront experience with continuous seaside promenade Celebrate the History of Al Uqair > Excavation old Port, restoration heritage buildings, re-construction some collapsed buildings in the Khan Position

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Enhancement of the waterfront of Venice and yacht docking

Urban design Masterplanning Italy Back to projects 2019 The project provides solutions for public spaces, restoration of historic pavements and paths, integration with street furniture referring to the heritage character of historic Venice. The project studies a technical urban design solution for the co-existence of public waterfront for the city of Venice and Yacht piers.

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Al Maktoum Solar Park

Urban design Masterplanning United Arab Emirates Back to projects 2015 – 2016 The innovative landscape surrounding Solar Park will have different symbolic levels and use.It will express the concept of connection between wilderness (desert) and user-friendly technology compatible with it. Sunlight is one of the main subjects describe to visitors. Design Includes Hardscape, Softscape, Shading

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Luchaogang new city

Masterplanning China Back to projects 2003 The town of Luchaougang will be the reference city for the new international port of Shanghai-Yang Shang, which in 2020 will become the biggest port of the world. Includes a huge Industrial Distry-Park to service the new Container Terminal.The masterplan designs the urban structure, the infrastructures, the land use

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Songjang garden city

Masterplanning China Back to projects 2003 The masterplan is the extension of the existing City of Songjiang, structured around a central linear park therefore focusing on natural environment but also on combination of traditional & contemporary character: traditional court type typology with alternance high rise towers / low rise mix use buildings and University use.

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