2022 – 2023

Forti di Ponente cycle and pedestrian route

The project involves the connecting route between the local Fortifications of the West between Forte Begato, upstream, and Forte Belvedere, downstream and includes the locality of Begato: this route potentially extends as far as the Fortifications of the Lanterna, the extreme southern outpost of the defensive system, and from these it reconnects to fort Begato passing along the Walk of the Lantern, towards Palazzo del Principe, the Maritime Station and the Historic Center, creating a ‘circular’ system that can be easily used using the existing public transport system and prediction.
The intervention predicts as a founding element the redevelopment, extraordinary maintenance and enhancement of the existing pedestrian path located at the foot of the Western fortifications; these include, from east to west: Forte Begato, Forte Tenaglia, Forte Crocetta, Forte Belvedere.
The layout also intertwines secondary routes and an additional defensive system made up of towers located in an adjacent but detached and advanced position compared to the wall system: Torre Monticello, Torre di Granarolo, Torre Monte Moro, Torre delle Bombe.

The project is part of the strategic theme of the recovery, redevelopment and enhancement of the valleys of Genoa, essential for reversing the process of abandonment and degradation of the hinterland.


Municipality of Genoa


Urban design


Genoa, Italy


Feasibility study


5.5 km lenght




2022 – 2023


Design in progress

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