Walk of the lighthouse

Urban design Italy Back to projects 2001 Pedestrian bridges, promenade, public spaces, parks within Genoa Industrial Port, to re-connect the 800 years old heritage tower ‘Lanterna’ and its promontory to the International Ferry Terminal, providing public spaces for workers and visitors of the Industrial Port District. PrizeSelected Golden Medal Italian Architecture Opera Prima – Triennale […]

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Waterfront of Voltri

Urban design Italy Back to projects 2008 The design solves the difficult task of providing a public promenade for the waterfront of Voltri city and maintaining the delicate eco-system of the existing natural seaside. The solution has been found in a wooden deck promenade anchored on top of concrete and steel poles, which reduces the

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Masterplan Erchi Heritage Village, Hotel, Spa & Golf Club

Masterplanning Italy Back to projects 2007 This masterplan for a high-profile hospitality and residential development is associated with one of the best golf courses of the Riviera. The core of the development is a group of heritage buildings that have been restored and re-used as guest houses and social facilities. New residential fabrics with traditional

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Marconi Square

Urban heritage Urban design Italy Back to projects 2014 The project includes the restoration and the enlargement of the square which represents the city core.The design is simple and clear, based on the use of local materials such as stone and marble. New lighting design is also provided. Moreover, the design aims to restore the

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Via Borghero office buildings

Architecture Italy Back to projects 2008 The design includes office buildings with underground car parks which, standing on both sides of the streets, become a “gate” or an anchor point for the local urban context. The architecture typology combines transparent glazed facades with opaque colored walls, reflecting two key elements of the context: the presence

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Auditorium of Emiliani College

Architecture Italy Back to projects 1998 – 2000 The result provides a clean and clear image, where spaces are comfortable, the access system and people movement are simplified, the acoustic is excellent because of the use of modular wooden panels, the illumination is efficient because of the use of undirect lightings projected on modular roof

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