Masterplan Erchi Heritage Village, Hotel, Spa & Golf Club

Masterplanning Italy Back to projects 2007 This masterplan for a high-profile hospitality and residential development is associated with one of the best golf courses of the Riviera. The core of the development is a group of heritage buildings that have been restored and re-used as guest houses and social facilities. New residential fabrics with traditional […]

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Duhaira District Masterplan

Masterplanning Architecture Saudi Arabia Back to projects 2007 – 2009 This Masterplan creates the new representative heart of the Saudi Capital, combining a strong vision for the future with a new image of modernity, innovative architectural solutions, connectivity with the surroundings and symbolic reference to the history. This complex project will be the starting point

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University of Pho Hien

Masterplanning Architecture Vietnam Back to projects 2011 – 2012 The planning strategy consists of providing a long-term view project, flexible and innovative. The key factors of this strategy are: Design a new concept of ‘Campus as a City’, a modern International Government & University District for the 21st Century, based on a polycentric system of

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Al Uqair Masterplan Competition

Masterplanning Saudi Arabia Back to projects 2021 Project objectives: Regeneration old Al Uqair>Creating cultural and leisure destination Protect heritage building >Rehabilitation with adaptive reuse Capitalize of maritime location >Waterfront experience with continuous seaside promenade Celebrate the History of Al Uqair > Excavation old Port, restoration heritage buildings, re-construction some collapsed buildings in the Khan Position

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Luchaogang new city

Masterplanning China Back to projects 2003 The town of Luchaougang will be the reference city for the new international port of Shanghai-Yang Shang, which in 2020 will become the biggest port of the world. Includes a huge Industrial Distry-Park to service the new Container Terminal.The masterplan designs the urban structure, the infrastructures, the land use

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Songjang garden city

Masterplanning China Back to projects 2003 The masterplan is the extension of the existing City of Songjiang, structured around a central linear park therefore focusing on natural environment but also on combination of traditional & contemporary character: traditional court type typology with alternance high rise towers / low rise mix use buildings and University use.

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University of Vinh Phuc

Masterplanning Vietnam Back to projects 2012 Vinh Yen University Campus can become an original model of smart city, a well organized towns, with a rational use of resources, high environmental standards and a prominent quality of life. Project objectives: Develop and prioritize a new campus planning concept Correctly position campus utilities, residential areas, services and

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